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Well this is KC's page and he is going to be putting a few pics of himself in here as soon as I can scan them for him....Oh oh he wants to tell you a little bit about himself.....

Hi!...I'm KC..that's me in the photo below! Just click the thumbnails to get my BIG pictures. I was born in Perth Western Australia and I am now 5 years old...(that's about 35 in your human terms..strange species). I am a pure bred Jack Russell and I'm afraid of nothing and no-one.

I have a big kennel in the back garden but I never use it....I prefer inside the house and I always get my way.

Ohhhhhh click here to hear me and my friends singing Jingle Bells!

My favourite hobbies are:

Going to the beach
-Playing!!!!!! I don't care how or who with


-Running around the garden with a tennis ball stuck in my mouth

-Pushing a tennis ball into the swimming pool with my nose and then barking at it until some humanoid gets it out for me...then I push it back in again..and again...and again..and again...(these humans are real suckers for a cute face)

-Jumping on top of the cat when she's not looking


-Eating the cat's food when she is looking...(really gets to her..hahahahaha)

-Eating food from my own dish when there's none left in the cat's


-I have thirty toys and I know them all by name so when these humans ask me to get my doggy news or my dumbell I go get it for them and then I usually get a chocky. Recenly I've found that if I fetch each toy one by one before I'm asked I can get a chocky whenever I want...mugs...hehehehehehehe


Well I have to go and find a tree or something now!!!!...time's a wasting!...Oh you will be able to see some more pics of me as soon as this sucker...AHEM!!! sorry...I mean my master... gets some more scanned.......See you soon!!!!!!!!


Ohhhhhh My first Award!..well...besides my degree in Nuclear Physics.

The Jack Russell Terrier Ring
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This is me!

This is me when I did my screentest for "Baywatch". Note the red collar. I missed out though. Muttly got the job.(there's no accounting for taste)


Cute eh?...

Wonder why I always get stuck with the gardening?...


Me in action!...

Anyone in there wanna come out and play??????

Me displaying my table manners.

Settling down to watch "101 Dalmations" and "The Mask" after my Saturday night bath


Well at least they tell me he is. This was KC1....(don't know if that was his real name though). He apparently lives in Nambucca Heads now in New South Wales in a beach house. Must look him up one of these days......

This is Moggy. I live with her and she thinks she's a cat. Well I know better ;-)


This is Scuzzy and Boris. Scuzzy is the good looking one on the right. Boris the duck thinks he's a Jack Russell too....yeah...he should be so lucky...

This is my friend Max. The one on the left is Michael The Human. I'm sure you can guess who is the better looking one. These humans don't stand a chance!

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Sniff my Dreambook!
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Ohhhh!!! This is my favourite song!!!!!!...."Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" by KC and the Sunshine Band (I've retired from singing now but I think the band is still going...)

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I'm out playing in the garden at the moment but if you need me just leave a message on my answering machine and I'll get back to you...wuf wuf!(just click here!)

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