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Well what can you say about Ireland?..Well I was born there so I suppose I'm a little bit biased. I've been lucky enough to travel all over the countryside and I've visited all the major cities and I still can't put into words the beauty of the scenery there. You have to go look for yourself.

Oh!..and don't worry about the weather, if it's too wet outside you can always go into the nearest pub and get a wee bit wet inside.

On this page I'm going to put a few photos that I took during a couple of trips that I made back home. I'll be putting more on as I scan them so please call back and have a looksie if you get a chance...Enjoy!. Just click on the Thumbnails to get the big picture...well all except Nick Faldo and Wayne McCullough...they're big enough as they are.

This is or was one of my "locals" in of about

This is the view from the Holywood Golf Club. You can just make out Goliath 1 in the distance. That is one of the massive cranes in the Belfast Shipyard

This is one of the Lakes of Fermanagh in Northern Ireland

This is another view of the Lakes of Fermanagh

Travelling along the County Antrim coast road

This is a view of the Sligo Valley in County Sligo

And another one of Sligo

And another one of Sligo. I loved the place...

The Graveyard at Monasterboice with a round tower in the background

This is Bundoran on the west coast

I saw Nick Faldo try to hit a golfball when I went to watch the Irish Open a couple of years ago.This was his tenth attempt!...He ended up hitting the club on the ground about 250 yards...(you can see the results of his previous attempts all around...).

This is Wayne McCullough who I met on a trip back home. He's one of the best boxers to ever come out of the North. He recently coached Daniel Day-Lewis for his part in the movie "The Boxer"

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