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Well I've lived in Australia for a few years now and I suppose that with my work I've had the opportnity to see quite a bit of this beautiful country. I've travelled the almost every country town in New South Wales...hopped up to Queensland.....driven down to Melbourne and Adelaide and then over the Nullabor Desert to Perth.

I have hundreds of photos of the places that I have visited but unfortunately I don't have the space here to show them all to you. What I'm going to do is pick out the places and sights that most impressed me and let you have a look.

Just click on the Thumbnails to get the big picture.

The view from the South Perth foreshore looking over to Perth City.

This is the in the north-west of Western Australia. The river is full of fresh water crocodiles but they're pretty harmless unless you wiggle your toes in their face.

This is the Fitzroy River in north-west Western Australia

You know you've hit the Bush when the bituman disappears ans you have this in front of you

This is what's called a Haul Pak used in the mining industry. That's my car in front.

I recently was sent by my work up to Christmas and the Cocos Islands. Both are situated in the Indian Ocean and the are part of the Australian Indian Ocean Territories.

As you can see from the map they are a fair way off the coast of the mainland and there's only one airline flight in and out per week(which was really hard to take...LOL. Well I had a week on each and then had to come back to Perth to recover.



The water here on Cocos is so can see the sharks nibbling your toes....well........

I managed to get some rest time from the busy schedule. This is the three of us on Direction Island, one of the Cocos group. I'm the one on the right working really hard. It was a Saturday by the

This is Christmas Island. There are over 130 million red crabs on the island and they absolutely cover the floor of the jungle. The move down to the shoreline in November to spawn and they walk through people's one door and out the next. The locals find it hard playing golf because the greens and fairways are just covered in crabs.

This is the Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mine's Fimiston Superpit. Its the biggest open-cut gold mine in Australia. It's currently 2 kms wide and 4kms long but that's being expanded to 4X6.

These are the Haul-Paks which take the gold bearing ore to the pre-crushing area. They operate 24 hours a day and are all driven by women.

Where the Bush meets the Sea. This is Shotgun Canyon just to the east of Exmouth in the north-west of WA.

This is Torquoise Bay which is about 20kms south of Exmouth. It renowned as the place on the whole planet where a coral reef comes closest to the shore line. Ningaloo Reef lies just 100 yards off the beach so you can walk out and drift over the coral and the current brings you back onto the sand. If you ever get a chance to travel this is THE place to go. I couldn't describe the colours that you can see and the tropical fish that come right up to your face as you drift past them.

This is the outskirts of Derby in the north-west...Crocodile just have to watch where you go for a swim because the big salties are usually hungry. They reach up to 20 feet in length although I've heard of a few larger ones...I think 20 feet is enough for me though.

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